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  • The Young Scientists book series contain science in comic form.
  • These comic books have been developed to simplify science for children and promote reading habit.
  • Each book contains 10 topics on birds, animals, plants, electronics, human body, water, earth etc in comic form.
  • These books cover science experiments, quiz, anecdotes, weird information etc.
  • The Young Scientists comic books are published in 4 levels for different age groups.
  • Each level has 10 books.
  • These books are published every year as a series.

Young Scientists Level 1:

Supplements learning in the classroom.

The Young Scientists Level 1 is a science magazine for students, with graphics and colourful illustrations to understand the science concepts learnt in the classroom. This science magazine for kids contains articles on plants, animals, solar system, physics, chemistry, human body, technology, electronics etc.

Young Scientists Level 2:

Interesting science stories in comic format

The Young Scientists Level 2 is a science magazine for kids is illustrated in an entertaining way which makes interesting for students. It contains stories on wide ranging topics such as dinosaurs, coral reefs, solar system, volcanoes, bats, flying machines, and more.

Young Scientists Level 3:

Simplify science

The Young Scientists Level 3 science magazine for children contains science stories written and illustrated in comic form. It contains advanced topics on physics, chemistry, human body, technology, electronics etc.

Young Scientists Level 4:

Meant for high school students

The Young Scientists Level 4 magazines have been written for high school students with in-depth details on 10 topics in each book, while maintaining the fun and exciting comic style which is the trademark of The Young Scientists magazine.

Smart Mathematician:

Maths in comics

The Smart Mathematician provide a wholesome introduction to the mathematical concepts of Numeric, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics in the form of comics through colourful illustrations, well-constructed short stories and mind blogging Maths trivia.

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