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Young scientists magazine for kids sets the foundation for science Olympiad, which is a new yardstick to measure the IQ of a child in science. Through Young scientists science comic book, children can easily crack the science Olympiad without struggle. Young scientist’s science magazine makes learning fun and long-lasting, so when reading is made easy, learning becomes a part of life and children will develop a liking for science. Young scientists will help your children love science. Give your child a chance to fare better in competitive exams, like the science Olympiad.

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Everyone wants to be different! Every parent wants their child to be different. Yes! All children are unique! Then why should your child do the same project done by some other children in the previous year.Young Scientists science comics provides the foundation to make your child think and come out with innovative ideas. Young scientists science comics provides innovative practical ideas and opens the door to futuristic ideas. Expose your child to Young scientists science magazine and allow him to choose and make his own science projects.

Science comic books or science magazines for kids are an innovative medium to convey science information for primary school children. Science magazine for children in the form of comics enthral primary school children.

The Young Scientists, a science magazine for kidsis in form of comic books. This science magazine for kids are illustrated and designed to promote interest and literacy in science among children in their early school life.The Young Scientists, a science magazine for students will aspire young minds to become young scientist.

In this science magazine for children, science concepts are written in a conversational format, which makes it easy to understand. The Young Scientists is visually appealing and empowers the kids to utilize their photographic memory effectively.

The Young Scientists comic books cover science experiments, quiz, anecdotes, weird information etc. A wide range of science subjects involving human body, plants, animals, physics, chemistry, earth, space and technology are covered in the Young Scientists, science magazine for students. This science magazine for children will be helpful for selecting and doing their science projects. The Young Scientists, the science magazine for kids, would serve as reading material for students who wish to attend the science olympiad.

This Science magazine for kids gives the meaning of difficult words at the bottom of every page of the comic book, and this enables the students to learn and improve their vocabulary.

    The Young Scientists science comic books are published in three levels for different age groups
  • Level 1 (5 - 8 years): For children studying UKG to 2nd standard.
  • Level 2 (9 - 10 years): For children in studying 3rd and 4th standard.
  • Level 3 (8 - 12 years): For children studying 5th, 6th and 7th standard.

We are sure that children would continue to read these science comic magazines or comic books as they grow into teenagers and young adults.