Science Magazines for Students and Kids/Children

Science comic books and magazines are an innovative medium to convey science information for primary school children. Science comics captivate the attention of primary school children.

The Young Scientists science comic books are illustrated and designed to promote interest and literacy in science among children in their early school life.

In the Young Scientists, science concepts are written in a conversational format, which makes it easy to understand.

The young Scientists comic books cover science experiments, quiz, anecdotes, weird information etc. revolving around human body, plants, animals, physics, chemistry, earth, space and technology. These books will be useful to do science projects.

In addition to the dialogues, meaning of difficult words are given at the bottom of every page of the comic book, which is convenient to learn and improves vocabulary.

Young Scientists Science Comic Books

The Young Scientists science comic books are published in three levels for different age groups
1. Level 1 (5 - 8 years): For children studying UKG to 2nd standard
2. Level 2 (9 - 10 years): For children in studying 3rd and 4th standard
3. Level 3 (8 - 12 years): For children studying 5th, 6th and 7th standard

We are sure that children would continue to read these science comic magazines and comic books as they grow into teenagers and young adults.

Level 1: Designed to supplement learning in the classroom   

The Young Scientists level 1 is a science magazine for students, designed with graphics and colourful illustrations to help the reader relate intelligently to the science concepts taught in the classroom.This science magazine for kids contains articles on plants, animals, solar system, physics, chemistry, human body, technology, electronics etc.

Level 2: Interesting science stories in comic format   

The young scientists Level 2 is a science magazine for kids is illustrated in an entertaining way which makes interesting for students. It contains stories on wide ranging topics such as dinosaurs, coral reefs,solar system, volcanoes, bats, flying machines, and more.

Level 3: Developed to simplify science and promote reading habit among children   

The Young Scientists level 3 science magazine for children contains science stories crafted and illustrated in comic form. It contains advanced topics on physics, chemistry, human body, technology, electronics etc.